When it comes to a flat iron that is truly reliable and versatile, CHI is truly a leading name in the field of hair and aesthetics.

Both hairstylists and regular women use CHI flat irons, hair straighteners for a variety of different uses. You’ll find their products both in the bathrooms of average women and in high-end hair salons.

CHI truly goes all the way when it comes to keeping their customers happy. They consistently come out with beautiful and versatile hair styling products that are a must for almost any woman.

They even go as far as offering different versions of their products for different types of hair, as well as products that are meant for beginners or hair styling professionals.

When it comes to creating beautiful, long-lasting hairstyles, CHI truly knows how to get the job done. As a company that is often recommended to family and friends, we decided to compile a list of the top 5 flat irons produced by CHI. Let’s break things down a bit more and see what each one of the following flat irons has to offer.

Best CHI Flat Irons Tops 5 Reviewed

CHI Original 1″ Flat Hair Straightening Ceramic Hairstyling Iron

CHI’s revolutionary, original flat iron has a perfectly adjusted quick-heating feature that maxes out at 391F. It uses far-infrared technology to penetrate the hair, hydrating it and giving you a healthy-looking shine. This innovative technology also produces negative ions that help eliminate static and frizz. It’s is a great flat iron that works for straightening, curling or flipping hair with its all-in-one, ergonomic design. This is a professional quality flat iron, however, it can still be used around the house. It even has a non-adjustable heat setting that makes it great for those with less hair styling experience. The Original CHI flat iron comes in dual-voltage, making it great for travel. It is also backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Hairstyling Iron

This is another one of CHI’s truly versatile styling tools. For years, it has been an award-winning salon flat iron and could be the best CHI flat iron for African American hair. The G2 uses improved ceramic-titanium technology, digital display with an intuitive temperature control and it even has a sexy and sleek ergonomic design. This flat iron uses color-coded LED lights to let you know when it has reached certain temperatures. The LEDs make it easy for you to stay in control and know what temperature you are styling your hair at. The G2 is loaded with some of the newest technology and its titanium-infused heating plates make it extra resistant to wear and tear. This means that you will have a high-quality, professional flat iron that is almost guaranteed to last for years.

CHI PRO G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic Flat Iron Tourmaline

This is a dynamic, new and improved version of the G2. The CHI PRO G2 comes in a sleek and ergonomic design. It also has upgraded technology that provides its users with outstanding and unparalleled performance. The PRO G2 also comes with titanium-infused heating plates for added durability and make for a much smoother gliding experience while ironing. The iron uses a digital color-coded LCD screen to notify you when it has reached its optimal temperature. This makes sure that you can adjust the iron depending on whether you have fine, medium or coarse hair. The PRO G2 has a variable heat setting and reaches a maximum of 425F.

CHI Fire Red Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

Another innovative design by CHI. This is an ionic hair straightener that uses a unique combination of tourmaline ceramic that ensures nearly perfect heat distribution. The flat iron also works to produce negative ions that reduce and eliminate frizz caused by static electricity. One bonus to using this flat iron is that is has a variable heat control that ranges between 180F and 410F. Overall, this is a perfect flat iron, regardless of whether you are straightening, curling, smoothing, flipping or spiraling your hair.

CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

This is another ionic tourmaline hair straightener and it uses the latest in innovation and technology. It combines Tourmaline ceramic, ensuring perfectly even heat distribution. This produces a very high number of negative ions and far-infrared light that penetrates the hair, ridding it of static. Meaning that you can say goodbye to frizz. This unique technology leaves your hair feeling silky and smooth and gives it a beautiful, healthy-looking shine.

The CHI Air Expert is an ideal flat iron for any of your hairstyling needs. It allows you to straighten, smooth, curl, wave, flip, bend and spiral hair in just seconds. With a little bit of imagination, you’ll easily be on your way to creating your own personal style. This flat iron has a 9-foot long cord that swivels for added convenience and ease-of-use. It has a temperature dial so that you can easily adjust the heat anywhere between 180F and 410F depending on your hair type. Also, this product is backed by a limited 2-year warranty.

What Makes CHI Flat Irons Better?

The one thing that makes CHI different from its competitors is that CHI actually stands for Ceramic Heating Iron. In fact, CHI is not only used as a brand name. It can be used for any flat iron that makes use of ceramic plates. As an example, in the United States, a leading flat iron manufacturer is Farouk CHI hair products.  However, they are not the only high-quality CHI brand name on the market.

What are the benefits of using ceramic plates?

The major benefit of using ceramic heating plates is that ceramic transfers heat much faster and evenly throughout the plate. Also, ceramic makes the temperature much easier to regulate and keep under precise control. This ensures that you are able to style your hair, without drying it out and causing any other unwanted heat damage.

Do the plates only contain ceramic?

CHI flat iron heating plates usually contain mostly ceramic. However, a combination of different types of metal can be added in to help the heating plates transfer heat properly. Typically, a flat iron will use an aluminum base plate which is coated with several layers of ceramic. Higher-end flat irons tend to contain slightly higher concentrations of ceramic. The cheaper the flat, the less ceramic. And, less ceramic means that it can wear down and not work as well over time.

When Should I replace my CHI Hair Straightener?

It is always a good idea to inspect your flat iron from time to time, to make sure that it is working properly. This helps you avoid causing any unnecessary damage to your hair. If you look at your flat iron’s heating plates and can visibly see that the surface is uneven, it might be time to replace it soon. The uneven surface means that some spots on the heating plate will be hotter than other spots. This greatly increases your chance of causing heat damage and hair breakage if hair gets caught and snagged on the uneven surface.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a CHI Hair Straightener

  • The length of your hair – If you have shorter hair, you are going to want a flat iron with smaller heating plates. On the other hand, for longer hair, you will want to use a flat with wider plates. The larger surface will help you cover more area of your hair much quicker than with a smaller plate.
  • The texture of your hair – It’s no secret that flat irons come in all sorts of different material. But, did you know that certain materials work better for certain types of hair? Ceramic works best on thin hair that is healthy. Tourmaline works best on slightly thicker hair. Lastly, titanium works best on coarser hair and it mostly used by hairstyling professionals.
  • The health of your hair – It is also important to remember to consider the health of your hair. Any time that you are using a hot styling tool on your hair, it is vital to use a heat protectant, as well as the proper temperature setting.

Final Words

Every woman has struggled with it. Frizzy hair, dull-looking hair, flat hair, bad styling results…
All things that can be caused by a bad choice in flat irons.

The good news is that by choosing the right flat iron for the job, you will increase your chances of getting that perfect do. This list of the top 5 CHI flat iron is to guide you find a product that gets your hair looking its best ever.

Now, armed with some knowledge about what these products can offer, you have what it takes to make an informed choice that you definitely won’t regret.