What is a Dual Voltage Flat Iron?

A dual voltage flat iron is capable of accepting 110V to 120 V as well as 220 V – 240 V. This is due to the metric system. Generally speaking, electrical outlets in the United States are equipped for 110 to 120 V, while the United Kingdom, much of Europe and many other countries run on 220 V – 240 V.

Purchasing the meaning of a dual voltage flat iron is that the device is guaranteed to work in nearly every location. A dual voltage flat iron can be taken on a trip to Europe and then used again in the United States the next week. Some dual voltage flat irons require the purchase of an adapter plug, while others automatically convert to the desired voltage. Adapter plugs are placed onto the normal end to allow for easy plug into foreign outlets.

Top 10 Best Dual Voltage Flat Iron Reviewed in 2017 and 2018

Below is a listing of some of the top reviewed dual voltage flat irons

CHI Original 1 Inch Flat Hair Straightening Ceramic Hairstyling Iron

The specially designed ceramic plates help guard against excess static electricity and frizz. This product utilizes infrared heating technology. This means that the hair is quickly heated without leaving behind tangles or flyaways.

Not only do the one-inch heating plates straighten the hair, they can also be used to add curls, a subtle flip or additional body. The negative ion technology infuses each hair follicle with moisture as it heats. This means that optimum shine is maintained, while the risk of damage and split ends is reduced.

The CHI original is designed with consumer comfort and convenience in mind. The ergonomic design coupled with the swivel cord means that the tool is highly versatile. This means that the user can ensure that even the hardest to reach hairs are properly treated.

The downside to this product is that the heat is not adjustable. While the flat iron heats up fast, it can only be set to one temperature (392 degrees). While this temperature is ideal for normal to thicker hair, it may be too intense for those with a finer texture. A two-year limited warranty supplies additional peace of mind when making the purchase.

CHI PRO G2 Titanium Infused Ceramic Flat Iron

This flat iron comes in a variety of different sizes options. The titanium infused heat plates are highly durable. This means that the product is not only rugged, it provides quality results. Hair is left with a silky and smooth texture while static electricity is minimized.

With the forty-second heat up time, the CHI PRO G2 is ready to go in record time. It has a maximum heat of 425 degrees, yet it can be used for all hair types. This is because it comes with three separate adjustable settings. These settings supply a low, medium or high amount of heat to accommodate different hair textures and style desires. The chosen heat setting is clearly displayed by an LED screen located on the front.

This full-size dual voltage flat iron is excellent for maintaining the hair’s health while styling. Moisture is locked into the hair as the heat is applied. This means that this moisture is not burned away, resulting in softer, healthier hair. Even with daily use, this product causes minimum damage, particularly when coupled with a heat protecting spray.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

Full-size flat irons are undeniably wonderful. Yet for those with an on the go lifestyle, a dual voltage mini travel flat iron is ideal. Mini flat irons are not only more lightweight than their full-size counterparts, they are considerably more compact. This means that these products can be simply tossed into a purse, make-up bag or carry on luggage without taking up valuable room.

The BaBylissPRO has Nano titanium ceramic heating plates that are only one inch. The entire mini hair straightener is less than seven inches long and weighs less than one pound. It reaches an impressive maximum heat level of 430 degrees. This means that it can be used on thicker or coarser hair textures, yet the smaller size may require longer styling time. The small heating plates are particularly ideal for working with shorter hair. This is because the user is able to get close to the roots without scorching the scalp. This also makes it a particularly valuable tool for styling bangs and/or tendrils.

This is one of the best choices for traveling to Europe or other foreign countries. The dual voltage is built into the mini flat iron. This means that consumers do not need to purchase an additional adapter when traveling abroad.

KIPOZI 1 Inch Pro Nano-Titanium Flat Iron

The contoured heating plates reach a maximum temperature of 450 degrees. This is comparable to salon style heat. As a result, the KIPOZI effectively straightens even coarse or thick hair while still striving to maintain the hair’s health. The heating plates are specifically designed to minimize static electricity and snags. This lessens the possibility of split ends and other heat damage.

This product is very easy to use. Its 360- degree swivel cords allow the user to reach the back of the head and other hard to reach areas with ease. It also comes with a user’s manual that clearly explains how to properly use and care for the product.

The KIPOZI has a complete two-year guarantee. If the customer is not fully satisfied with their product for whatever reason, it will be replaced or the money refunded. It also comes with an auto-lock feature that is important for safety. The auto-lock prevents the flat iron from being accidentally turned on in a bag or suitcase. Likewise, it helps lock in temperature to prevent accidental button pushing during the styling process.

Salona Professional Titanium Flat Iron Straightener

The one-inch heating plates are coated in titanium. This allows for a smoother pass, meaning that hair will not get snagged or tangled. With a temperature range of 255 to 400 degrees, nearly every texture of hair is able to be effectively treated. 110/220 dual voltage makes this one of the best dual voltage flat irons for travel. It comes with no less than three different adaptors. This means it can literally be used anywhere around the globe that has an electrical socket.

The heat-resistant travel bag makes traveling with this product a breeze. It can be tossed into its pouch well before it is fully cooled off. This allows for faster prep in the morning, as well as on the go touchups.

The titanium plates do not only allow for a smooth pass, they help maintain healthy hair as well. Infrared heat produces negative ions. This means that more moisture remains in the hair. This not only prevents dryness and damage, it decreases static electricity as well.

After purchase, the customer can register their flat iron online. This gives them the protection of a one-year limited warranty.

PHOEBE Nano Fiber Flat Iron

This product has specialized Nanofiber technology. The tourmaline heating plates are coating with this Nanofiber. This helps to maintain the health of the hair as it is being straightened. The hair’s natural moisture is locked in, which leads to softer, more manageable hair.

The PHOBE Nano flat iron heats up amazingly quickly. In less than twenty seconds, the product is ready to use. It has an adjustable temperature setting. This means that the user can select from three different heat settings. The lowest setting ranges from 265 to 320 degrees, which is ideal for thin or fragile hair. Normal textured hair is treated in the middle range, which is between 320 and 395 degrees. For those with very thick, coarse or curly hair, the highest heat setting is ideal. This ranges from 395 to 450 degrees.

When paired with a compatible adaptor, this product will automatically adjust to any voltage necessary. This makes it ideal for traveling abroad. It also automatically shuts itself off after sixty minutes of no activity. This not only helps to conserve energy, it prevents accidental fires or surface burning.

KIPOZI Pro Flat Iron

This flat iron has an MCH ceramic heater. This means that the titanium heating plates utilize infrared technology to release negative ions. This not only helps with locking moisture and healthy oils into the hair follicle. It also prevents the build-up of static electricity and combats frizziness.

With a temperature range of 270 to 450 degrees, all hair types are able to be effectively treated. Hair is left feeling silky, smooth and sleek. The adjustable heat setting means that the proper degree of heat is administered for the consumer’s hair texture. This prevents against accidentally scorching or damaging fine hair. Likewise, it ensures that those with thicker or curly hair are able to access the high level of heat needed to straighten their hair.

The floating plates are excellent at snag-free straightening. Likewise, the small heating plate is able to reach shorter hair, making this an ideal tool for bangs. The product can also be used as a curling iron, or to provide extra waves and bounce to the hair.

LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch Hair Straightener

This is one of Amazon’s top choices for the best professional dual voltage flat iron. What makes this product different is its heating plates. Though they are composed of ceramic, these floating plates are also coated in keratin. Keratin is a conditioning substance that promotes healthy and strong hair. This means that as the hair is being styled, it is also being conditioned. This hair straightener leaves the consumer with silky, shiny hair that is free of tangles and static. Compared to other hair straighteners, the LumaBella results in 50% less damage and breakage.

A built-in smart heat sensor detects when too much heat is being applied, and automatically lowers the temperature. This prevents against accidental scorching and burning. The dual touch styler has five separate temperature settings which are fully adjustable. With a range of 300 to 450 degrees, all types of hair can be healthily treated.

KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener

This flat iron has heating plates that measure 1.75 inches. The titanium floating plates help to deliver ideal results while ensuring that hair is not snagged or damaged in the process. Heat is evenly distributed as the flat iron passes through the hair. This results in a consistent style while preventing accidental heat damage.

The KIPOZI Professional has a temperature range of 170 to 450 degrees. Its LCD display makes it easy to view the current temperature. The product also heats up and cools down quickly, which is a major times saver. As a built-in safety feature, it will also automatically shut itself off after sixty minutes of not being used.

Accidental burning is prevented by a specially designed handle. This handle not only keeps hands away from the hot plates. It is designed with consumer convenience in mind. This means that it is comfortable to hold and manipulate. The addition of an eight-foot swivel cord makes it even easier to reach the back of the head and other difficult areas.

Jose Eber Wet and Dry Flat Iron Straightener

Most flat irons require the user to blow dry their hair before using. Even damp hair can be easily scorched. This product, however, is specifically designed to work on wet or dry hair. Provided that the hair is at least gently towel dried, it can be used as normal. This saves a tremendous amount of time while getting ready in the morning.

The tourmaline heating plates measure 1.5 inches. They heat up quickly and leave the hair with a sleek, manageable shine. This product can also be used to provide curl, waves or extra body. The temperature ranges from 265 to 450 degrees, making it ideal for all different hair types.

The Jose Eber Wet and Dry Flat Iron Straightener also come with a limited lifetime warranty. This allows consumers peace of mind when purchasing the product. Should it become damaged, it can be easily repaired or replaced at no additional cost.

How does a Dual Voltage Flat Iron Work?

A dual voltage flat iron is able to be used around the world. In most cases, a dual voltage flat iron simply requires a plug or travel adapter. This adapter is typically small and lightweight, fitting easily into one’s baggage. It is used much like a cube is for a cell phone. The end of the flat iron plug is simply placed into the adapter. Then the flat iron can be effectively used in any location.

How to use a Dual Voltage Flat Iron

Using a dual voltage flat iron is similar to using any other kind of flat iron. The only difference is its ability to function in Europe and other countries as well as in the United States. A dual voltage flat iron simply requires a travel adaptor in order to work effectively.

Will a Dual Voltage Flat Iron Work in Europe?

Yes. Dual voltage flat irons are specifically designed to work in Europe as well as many other countries. This is perhaps their major appeal. The consumer needs to only purchase one product and an adaptor. Then, the same product can be taken all over the world and used just as same as at home.