The FHI Flat Iron has vivid red ceramic heating plates that make it easy to recognize. The professional quality stands up to daily use, and delivers quality results each time. If you are interested on FHI hair straightener, just read through this FHI flat iron reviews. Some useful points are disclosed to help users choose their best FHI flair iron without hassle.

Main Features

A triple layer of tourmaline infused ceramic is the key to the heating plates. The smooth glide maintains an even temperature. Additionally, the plates will not snag or pull at your hair. Ceramic tourmaline generates negative ions. These negative ions are valuable, as the heat actually locks in moisture. Subsequently, it reduces the effects of humidity, such as frizziness. Likewise, these negative ions repel static electricity. This means that unlike other heating products, you will not experience fly-away.


One major bonus of the FHI Flat Iron is its versatility. The heating plates have a slight slant in their design. This means that you can use the flat iron for many different hairstyles. It not only straightens hair, it can curl, increase volume or impart loose, beachy waves. The product has a temperature range of 140 to 450 degrees. This means that all kinds of hair will benefit from its use. Fine or damaged hair does best with a lower temperature, while individuals who have thick, curly or coarse hair require a high temperature to achieve results.

The FHI Flat iron is easy and convenient to use. The long cord (12 ft) swivels, which means that you can easily manipulate the tool to a precise position while styling. Likewise, you can get easy access to the spots that can be hard to reach, such as the back of the head. Additionally, the hook on the back means that you can hang it between uses rather than tossing it in a drawer. After an hour, it will automatically shut itself off. This is a big relief for those who have a tendency to leave appliances on during the rush of the morning commute. You can rest easy knowing that this safety feature drastically reduces the risk of fire or scorching surfaces from overheating.


Every product has their negatives. While the majority of consumer reviews on this product are very positive, there are a some who complained about design quality. It seems as though electrical malfunctions are at the root of many of these complaints. While it is important to note that any electrical object can suffer damage if dropped or otherwise roughly handled, after approximately six months of use, a few consumers reported that their FHI flat iron simply stopped working. The ceramic heating plates have been known to become warped or even to separate in some instances as well.


As long as you purchase the product from an authorized retailer, there is a one-year warranty. It is important to be sure to keep in mind the authorized retailer part, as many consumers who purchased this flat iron through Amazon were disappointed when they found out that their warranty would not be honored.

Overall, the FHI Flat Iron is a solid product. It won the 2016 Stylist’s Choice Award for Best Flat Iron. In spite of a few complaints, this is a customer favorite that delivers quality results time after time.