Flatirons are also called straightening irons. They are designed to straighten and smooth curly and/or wavy hair. Flatirons are typically composed of either ceramic or some kind of metal. The best flat iron for curly hair effectively removes curls, leaving the hair straight, shiny and smooth without causing damage from heat.

Top 10 Reviewed for Best Curly Hair Flat Iron

Below, we will discuss some examples of the best flat irons for curly hair.

CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Hairstyling Iron

25-inch ceramic and titanium styling plates make this the ideal choice for individuals with longer hair. The CHI G2 is capable of smoothing hair from root to tip while imparting a subtle swing and volume.

The flatiron comes equipped with a button that allows the user to preset the temperature. This allows for heat control, which is useful both for controlling style and preventing damage. The temperature is displayed on a convenient LED screen. Those with fine hair will want a lower temperature, which is indicated by a blue light. Medium texture hair is indicated by a green light.  This flat iron is capable of reaching a maximum temperature of 425 degrees, indicated by a red light, which makes it one of the best flat irons for curly or coarse hair.

A special thermal mat allows for a place for the flatiron to rest without scorching surfaces. The CHI G2 heats up quickly and subsequently has a fast cool-down time.

Steam Hair Straightener Flat Iron

This flat iron works with steam rather than straight heat. This means that it contains the hair’s moisture while providing straightening. This results in shiner, smoother hair. Traditional hair straighteners may cause heat damage and split ends. Infusing the hair with steam while applying heat helps to provide a layer of protection while sealing in moisture.

The Steam Hair Straightener heats up quickly, in less than a minute’s time. A light serves as an easy indication to show the product has reached its ideal temperature.  Equipped with two hair clips, this makes on the go styling fast and convenient. While other hair straighteners may be time-consuming, ideal results are achieved quickly, even with thick, frizzy or curly hair.

The consumer is able to pick from six different heat settings, ranging from 350 to 450 degrees. While all kinds of hair can benefit from the Steam Hair Flat Iron, it is particularly effective for those with curly, kinky hair.

African-Americans tend to have hair with a curly texture. Oftentimes, black hair is not only curly, it has a drier texture as well. This means that habitual use of a typical flat iron could result in heat damaged hair that lacks shine and moisture. The steam is particularly beneficial in for those with curly dry hair, as it replenishes the hair’s natural moisture as it straightens curls.

The accompanying water tank is removable and easily refilled. Combined with the relatively small size of the flat iron, the detachable tank makes it ideal for traveling. The cord can swivel a whole 360 degrees. This means that consumers are able to straighten hair from nearly any position with comfort.

Micro Pure 2 in 1 Iconic Hair Straightener

The Micro Pure has a metal-ceramic heater, which is highly beneficial to the hair. It does not cause damage to the hair follicle. Rather, the double iconic generator seals the hair. This leaves a smooth, shiny texture and helps to prevent split ends.

This product is one of the best options for thick and curly hair. The Nano comb brush enables easy manageability. Oftentimes, those with thick or curly hair find that the process of straightening their hair leads to tangles and a dry, listless texture. The Micro Pure detangles the hair as it straightens, leaving a shiny, healthy appearance. The Nano comb brush also provides gentle scalp stimulation. This is not only relaxing, it helps stimulate the hair’s natural oils, which leads to even more shine and moisture.

The Micro Pure has no less than sixteen different heat settings. From as low as 150 degrees to a maximum heat of 440 degrees. The lower heat setting is best suited to finer hair, while the highest heat setting is best for curly frizzy hair.

Another unfortunate common side effect of using a hair straightener is the increased amount of static electricity. This product is highly effective at reducing electricity in the hair, even during the driest winter months.

There are some beneficial safety features on the Micro Pure. It automatically shuts itself off after an hour. This negates any worries about fire damage if the product is accidentally left on. The heat resistant glove that accompanies the hair straightener prevents any accidental burns during use.

SwanMyst Flat Iron

The two-inch titanium plates are ideal for reducing static electricity as well. With the thirty-second heat up time, these plates also are specifically designed to cover as much of the hair’s surface as possible in one pass without causing tangles or painful tugging. This means that straightening time is reduced, which saves even more time during the morning prep.

One of the biggest hazards that come along with using a flat iron is the risk of burns to the scalp, neck or hands. The SwanMyst is specifically designed with this risk in mind and prevents any part of the hot plates from actually coming into contact with any skin.

The temperature ranges from 250 to 450 degrees. The present temperature is clearly indicated by a large LCD display screen. After three seconds without any touching, the side buttons are locked. This prevents accidental temperature changes during styling. After an hour, the SwanMyst automatically turns itself off, which provides extra peace of mind.

The diminutive size is convenient for traveling, as it can be easily tossed into a carry-on, make-up bag or even a purse. Likewise, the swivel cord enables the user to easily access every angle when straightening their hair, even hard to reach areas.

The SwanMyst comes with a thirty- day money back guarantee. This means that consumers can rest assured that the manufacturer stands firmly behind the product. If they are not fully satisfied, they will receive a full refund after the return is complete.

Hairstyler Colorful Seasons Ceramic Flat Iron

This product boasts floating ceramic plates which clamp tightly onto the hair. This means that the hair is held firmly in place during the straightening process to ensure even results. While the plates grip hair firmly, they also glide smoothly. This prevents damage from the hair being pulled or tangled.

The floating plates allow the heat to bend and flex with the hair. Floating plates allow for far more control during the straightening process. Hair can be easily flipped outward or curled inward at the end in order to suit each individual style.

The Hairstyler Colorful Seasons is designed with consumer convenience in mind. The compact size makes it ideal for traveling, as it can be comfortably stashed in a purse or carry-on bag. The handle provides maximum grip, which prevents against accidental tangling or scorching. Likewise, the swivel cord ensures that each individual lock of hair is made easily accessible.

This product does not only improve the hair’s style, it can also improve its health. The sheer intensity of the thermal heat generated by most hair straighteners causes damage to the hair follicles. The excessive heat can lead to dry, dull hair, as well as an excessive amount of split ends and static electricity.

The Hairstyler Colorful Seasons is equipped with negative ion technology. This means that the moisture that is present in the hair is retained. This works by ensuring that the water molecules within the hair are immediately returned rather than evaporated or burned away. This not only reduces the risk of heat damage. It leaves the hair with a smooth, shiny and static-free texture.

Mankami Four in One Hair Straightener

This product is unique in that is comes equipped with four sets of heating plates which are interchangeable. A large, medium and small wave plate make up the first three options. These varying wave plates allow the consumer to achieve the precise style they are looking for each day. The fourth plate option is flat and elongated. This works to smooth out waves and curls to leave the hair with a straight, swingy texture.

All four sets of ceramic heating plates are made up out of tourmaline. This means that they heat up quickly and evenly, which saves time during the getting-ready process. The four different temperature settings are clearly indicated on the LED display screen. This means that consumers are able to precisely target which amount of heat is ideal for their individual hair texture. Typically, those with finer hair will benefit from a lower texture, while those with curly hair need a ceramic flat iron to achieve ideal smoothness and shine.

The Mankami Four in One has some important safety features as well. It has built-in guards which protect against burning the scalp or the neck. As a side note, it is very important to ensure that the hair is fully dried before using this product. Otherwise, damage to the follicles could occur.

Beauty CC Professional Steam Hair Straightener

The Beauty CC utilizes steam when applying heat to the hair. This not only provides a layer of moisture to protect the hair follicles against the heat, it helps to retain moisture. Steam straighteners are highly beneficial to individuals with dry or coarse hair, as they infuse the hair with moisture throughout the entire process.

This is one of the best hair straightener options for those with curly or African American hair. It smooths out waves, kinks, and curls while leaving the hair moist and supple. This means that the results do not look overly processed or damaged. Instead, the hair is left shiny, silky and smooth. Those with extremely dry hair are encouraged to add two to three drops of Argon oil to the water reservoir before use helps to farther infuse the hair with moisture and nourishment.

The Beauty CC will automatically shut itself off after an hour’s time. This makes it ideal for those with a hectic or busy lifestyle. Rather than having to worry about whether or not the appliance was left on, consumers can relax knowing that they are protected against overheating and subsequent fire damage.

How Hot Should a Flat Iron be for Curly Hair?

A flat iron is an ideal tool for helping those with thick, curly hair achieve a smooth, sleek texture. As heat by definition causes damage to the hair, it is important to select a reputable product that will protect the hair as it styles it.

First of all, it is important to realize that temperature is everything. It all depends on the natural texture of the hair. While those with fine, thin or chemically damaged hair must use a lower heat setting, say 250 to 300 degrees maximum, this is not the case for everybody. Individuals with “normal” hair texture achieve their best results around 300 to 380 degrees, while the ideal flat iron temperature for curly or thick hair is around 400 degrees.

How to Flat Iron Curly Hair Fast

When speed is of the essence, it is important to have a product with adequately wide heating plates. This means that as much hair as possible is covered in each pass.

How to use a Flat Iron for Curly Hair

Always start with hair that is fully dried. It is important not to use a flat iron on wet hair, as the application of intense heat can cause scorching and damage.

As another valuable flat iron tip for curly hair, it is worthwhile to utilize some sort of protective agent beforehand. There are a number of products available to help achieve a layer of protection between the hair and the hot plates. Moroccan oil is extremely popular, with Argon oil and coconut oil coming in at a close second.

Likewise, it is necessary to purchase a flat iron that has a cord which swivels. This allows for maximum range of movement, meaning that all areas of the hair are able to be easily treated.