The majority of flat irons straighten the hair. That is their purpose. However, there are many products that not only straighten, but curl as well. A hair straightener and curler in one is a very convenient option. One tool does two jobs. This means that the product will save space during travel as well as at home. The two in one package is economically desirable as well. Instead of making a dual purchase, one product is capable of impressive multi-tasking. Find the best options hair straightening and curler combo pack in the list below.

Top 10 Best Hair Straightener and Curler Reviewed

Furden Professional Hair Straightener

This is a hair straightener and curler combined. It uses MTC technology. MTC stands for Metal Tourmaline Ceramic. This is the new industry standard for effective flat ironing. MTC plates transfer an even level of heat to the hair. Tourmaline is a natural metal that heats up quickly. In fifteen seconds, the product is ready to go.

Each individual setting has a number. The higher the number, the higher the level of heat. For example, the first heat setting works best on fine hair. The second and third heat settings work best for medium hair. Finally, the forth and fifth settings work best on thick, curly hair.

The Furden is a good choice for a hair straightener and curler combo pack.  It is easy to use for both. To straighten, simply run the flat iron down the length of a section of hair. To curl, flip the flat iron halfway. This will hold the hair in a U-shape. The result is loose curls that last.

Berta 2 in 1 Tourmaline Ceramic Iconic Hair Straightener and Curler Iron

This product uses Tourmaline Ceramic Technology (TMT). Tourmaline ceramic plates emit a lot of negative ions. Negative ions reduce static electricity and frizz. As a result, hair is silky and smooth after treatment, even in a dry environment. Additionally, negative ions close the hair follicle. This prevents damage and a rough, dry texture.

The Berta 2 in 1 has a digital display feature. The temperature control is digital as well. The product heats up quickly. The consumer selects their ideal temperature. They may choose a temperature range of 275 to 425 degrees. This gives every kind of hair an ideal style option. Additionally, it is very easy to use. The straighten and curl feature go back and forth with a simple switch.

This product is ideal for traveling. Not only is it relatively compact in size, it is also compatible with dual voltage. A simple adapter will allow use in international areas. Furthermore, this product has valuable safety features. First, it has an automatic shut-off feature. After sixty seconds with no activity, it turns off. This prevents fires as well as other accidents. Also the buttons lock. Simply push the on/off button two times in rapid succession.

JMiTOO Flat Iron Hair Straightener and Hair Curler Tool

This is a good hair straightener and hair curler. The gold titanium heating plates heat up fast, and provide even heat. Style time is fast, because one pass can treat the hair. Naturally, this cuts the time in the morning down dramatically.  Also, the product has a heat recovery feature. This means you maintain an even heat level through the entire process, even on the highest setting.  Additionally, the heating plates are one inch, which is ideal to treat short hair and bangs.

The product has four different heat settings, which suits all kinds of hair. The lowest setting is 280 degrees, which is ideal for fine, thin hair. Conversely, the maximum temperature is 450 degrees. This is ideal for hair that is very thick, coarse or curly.

This product is an ideal hair straightener with a curl function. The results last a long time. Straightened hair will remain sleek for twenty-four hours, while curls last up to two days.

JMiTOO stands behind this product. If you do not like the product, or do not see the results you want, simply return it. As long as you return the product within sixty days, the company will refund your money.

InStyler Max 2-Way Rotating Iron

This product has many functions. It is a hair straightener and curler wand set. Its versatility is what makes it popular. In fact, it has one of the best hair straightener and curler reviews. One product is sufficient to create three different looks. First, the InStyler Max straightens, which produces silky, sleek hair. Second, the product curls. This gives the option of tight, defined curls as well as loose, messy waves. Finally, fine hair receives a boost of volume and lift. Simply use the product as close to the root as possible for swing and a full texture.

The InStyler Max works via two-way rotation technology. This means that the heating barrel’s design rotates in the same direction of the hair’s growth. This is not only highly convenient and comfortable, it protects the hair from damage as well.

The heating barrel is made from black tourmaline. Additionally, ionic bristles line the barrel. These bristles prevent static electricity, as well as guard against snagging or tangles.

There are four different heat settings to choose from. This product heats up within thirty seconds. In addition, powers off after a period of inactivity. This is a safety feature to prevent accidental fires and surface burns.

XUEKON Black Hair Straightener

The one-inch ceramic plates float. The plates will not snag or pull the hair. The plates are made of ceramic tourmaline, which is ideal. Ceramic tourmaline distributes heat evenly. Additionally, ceramic tourmaline plates prevent static electricity and frizz.

The product is only a foot long, and its compact size is ideal for the on-the-go style.  Simply toss it into your bag or carry-on for travel. As it is also dual-voltage compatible, this product is good for international use. A stylish carry bag comes with the product, in addition to a number of hair clips and a salon comb.

The XUEKON has a temperature range of 250 to 450 degrees. It is used for all textures of hair, from thin and damaged to thick and coarse. The plates heat up within twenty seconds, which allows for quick styling. The cord can rotate up to 360 degrees, which makes this product comfortable to use. Moreover, treat even the hard-to-reach hair with ease with the swivel cord feature.

HSI Professional Glider

Hair that is very thick, curly or coarse is hard to style. A high level of heat is necessary to achieve lasting results. Likewise, thin hair is difficult as well. High heat will cause damage. The top hair straightener and curler has a wide temperature range. The HSI Professional Glider has a range of 140 to 450 degrees. The product is ideal for everyone, as it effectively treats all hair textures.

The ceramic heating plates are high quality. They have microsensors inside of them. These microsensors ensure even heat distribution. The plates seal the hair cuticle. Heat damage is minimal. The hair is shiny, sleek and smooth after treatment. The plates are one inch. This means that they treat a large section of hair with each pass.

This product is very versatile. It curls, straightens and flips. In addition, it also increases volume and body. The heat settings are 100% adjustable. Even on the highest heat setting, the product locks in moisture. The product will maintain its set heat. Hair receives even, consistent heat, and this also locks in style.

Beautprincess 3 in 1 Hair Styler

This is really three separate products in one. The Beautprincess straightens, curls and brushes the hair. Its bristles comb through the hair while styling. The bristles reduce snagging and tangles, and as a result, the hair is manageable. Whether you want curls or want to have straight strands, this is the product for you!

A digital LED screen clearly displays the set temperature. It ranges from 300 to 450 degrees. This is ideal for medium to thick hair, however, the lowest temperature may be too intense for very fine or damaged hair. The ceramic plates lock in moisture. Hair is shiny and sleek in appearance rather than dull or frizzy.

The bristles will not burn the skin. Specialized anti-scald technology will prevent accidental burns. Additionally, the product shuts itself off after sixty minutes. This means you can rest easy, even if you leave it on by mistake.

ISHAKO Flat Iron and Curling Set

This is a multiple piece hair straightener and curler kit. You receive three products for one price. First, there is a ceramic flat iron with a 1 ¼ inch heating plate. This is ideal for medium to long hair. Second is a mini flat iron with a ½ inch heating plate. This is ideal for short hair, as well as bangs and fringe. The mini flat iron infuses the hair with body as well. Simply use it close to the roots for maximum lift and swing. Finally is curling iron. The heating barrel is 1 inch in diameter. Between these three products, you achieve many different forms of style.

The ISHAKO Flat Iron and Curling set has a temperature range of 140 to 450 degrees. The ceramic tourmaline plates heat quickly, as well as hold heat for even distribution. Hair retains its natural moisture. A 360-degree swivel cord allows a maximum range of movement. All products are easy and convenient to use, while still maintaining the hair’s health.  It is an ideal gift because the kit provides the user with every option they need.

PTC Ceramic-Titanium Plated Flat Iron Hair Straightener and Hair Curler Tool

This product works via PTC technology. PTC stands for positive temperature coefficient. PTC is meant to control and regulate the heat level in a safe, effective manner. This means that the product will not overheat. Hair achieves a silky, smooth texture.  It functions both as a curler and a flat iron. Additionally, a natural-looking flip is achieved at the hair’s ends with the simple twist of the wrist.

The product has a temperature range of 140 to 220 degrees. This is ideal for hair that is fine to medium in texture. Those with thick, coarse hair will not be satisfied with this product. The lower temperature range is simply not hot enough to achieve ideal results.

Remington Pro Ultimate Stylist

This product achieves all types of hairstyle, regardless of texture. It straightens the hair into a sleek, smooth style. Second, it curls in a loose, messy wave style. Third, curls are maximized into tighter, corkscrew-like ringlets. Finally, it provides maximum volume and lift. The sheer versatility of the Remington Pro makes it desirable. Simply purchase one product for all of your style needs.

This product has no less than thirty different heat settings. This means that the temperature is set to achieve a precise result. The plates evenly distribute heat throughout the hair. This results in long-lasting, manageable effects.

How to Use a Hair Straightener and Curler?

There are many similarities between a hair straightener and curler. With both products, the hair is in sections. The product treats these individual sections with a pre-set level of heat.

Anytime you apply heat to your hair, use a protective spray. Apply this spray to damp or dry hair to form a protective layer. After this first step, section your hair. Fine or thin hair requires fewer sections than thick, coarse hair.

If you are using a hair straightener, position the tool at the top of the head. Clamp the heating plates down as close to the scalp as possible. Then slowly move the heating plates from the root of the hair to the tip. Repeat for each section.

Curling the hair is a little different.  You begin halfway up the hair rather than at the root. Clamp the flat iron around the hair and gently wrap the lower hair in a U-shape. Likewise, some prefer to begin at the bottom, wrapping the hair as they go up much like a curling iron.

Hair Straightener vs Curling Iron

So what is the difference between a hair straightener/flat iron and a traditional curling iron?

The key difference is in the different heating plates. Curling irons have a barrel that is round. This heating barrel wraps around the hair to provide curls. A hair straightener has flat heating plates. These plates are able to curl, but you must flip it a half turn during the style process to do so. Most flat irons are capable of curling the hair. However, curling irons do not effectively straighten the hair.