What is a Mini Flat Iron?

Simply put, a mini flat iron is a smaller version of a traditional flat iron. The decreased size allows the mini flat iron to be easily taken on the go. This means is can be easily placed in a purse, carry-on bag or suitcase. Those with a busy lifestyle are often huge fans of the mini flat iron, as they can literally take it everywhere with them.

Mini Flat Irons VS Regular Flat Irons

Mini flat irons are obviously different than regular flat irons in terms of size. Yet this is not the only difference. There are some marked advantages that a mini flat iron has over a regular flat iron. This is particularly true for consumers with very fine or short hair. The smaller size of the mini flat iron allows for more precise control and placement. This means that the flat iron can be placed very close to the scalp. The product minimizes any risk of burns. This is meant to maximize volume while achieving a sleek texture.

Top reviewed mini flat irons

The following are some of top rated mini flat irons that we chose from the best-selling page of amazon.com. We give a brief review of each one so to help the potential mini flat irons buyers have their best shopping without much hassle.

6th Sense Styling Technology Two in One Mini Hair Straightener

The tourmaline and silver plates are ideal for smoothing the hair. They can also be used to achieve subtle curls and waves. This makes this one of the best mini flat irons for short hair. This is because a variety of textures and results can be quickly achieved.

This product does not only smooth and straightens the hair. It can also be used to curl and supply waves. The one-inch diameter heating plates allow for every result to be possible in a minimum time frame.

The small size of this mini flat iron is not its only ideal travel feature. It is equipped with dual voltage. This means that it can be used just as easily in Europe or other countries as in the United States or Canada. A simple adapter is all that is necessary to complete the connection.

Rather than having adjustable temperatures, this mini flat iron quickly achieves and maintains a temperature of 374 degrees. This degree of heat is ideal for those with normal to thick and curly hair. Yet, it is important to note that the temperature may be too intense for those with finer hair.

Even though the product cools down almost as quickly as it heats up, it comes with a heat resistant case. This enables the consumer to unplug the device, wait a few minutes and then place it in the traveling case. The heat barrier relieves the need to worry about damaging the interior of their purse or luggage from accidental scorching.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

With a maximum heat of 440 degrees, the BaBylissPRO is ideal for nearly every hair texture. From the finest, shortest styles to medium length hair, this product effectively straightens while leaving behind body and shine. While those with very thick, long or curly hair could certainly use this mini flat iron, it may not be the ideal choice for their hair texture.

This product is distinguished as being Amazon’s top choice for ½ inch flatirons. This is because the titanium ceramic plates enable the user to work closely with the scalp without burning the skin or singing the hair. This makes the BaBylissPRO an ideal mini flat iron for styling bangs or for styling tendrils in up-dos.  Its fast heat up time also ensures almost immediate access to the desired heat level.

The diminutive size of this flat iron makes it ideal for tossing into one’s purse for on the go touch-ups. At a mere six inches in length, it is lightweight and can truly be kept anywhere without taking up much space. Its dual voltage capability is also highly convenient for consumers who frequently travel.  The dual voltage capacity is built right into this mini flat iron. This means that users do not have to purchase and carry around an adaptor.

FARIHEAT Travel Mini Hair Flat Iron

At a mere seven inches in length, this mini flat iron is designed with a busy lifestyle in mind. It is a timesaver, heating up within sixty seconds time. Likewise, it cools down quickly. The product comes with a stylish, heat resistant travel pouch. This means that users can store their styling products almost immediately after they are done with them. The mini flat iron can be zipped into its pouch and tossed into a purse or bag without worrying about damage from the heat. It is also equipped with automatic dual voltage. This means that the product will automatically adapt itself to the appropriate voltage, taking the confusion out of using electronics in a foreign area.

The FARIHEAT has one -inch tourmaline ceramic heat plates. These heat plates are highly effective at ensuring that heat is evenly distributed throughout the hair. This prevents certain areas from being over or underheating. The ultimate result is hair that has a smooth, sleek and shiny texture.

The FARIHEAT is not only great for on the go straightening. This product has a separate function that can be used for curling. Curling the hair with a mini flat iron provides the consumer with subtle curls and waves that provide the hair with marked body and bounce.

Those who purchase this product can rest assured in the security of having a two-year warranty. Should any part of the FARIHEAT become damaged or broken within the first two years, the product will either be replaced or repaired immediately.

NEXGADGET Hair Straightener

This mini hair straightener is both completely cordless and rechargeable. At just over eight inches long, the compact design does not require any source of outside power in order to be heated and used. This means that consumers can literally use the product anywhere. Equipped with a micro USB port, there is no need to worry about electrical incompatibility, even while traveling to a different country. This mini flat iron is universal, able to be charged quickly from any outlet.

The NEXGADGET is equipped with adjustable temperature controls. With a range of 248 to 338 degrees, the lower heat setting is ideal for fine or damaged hair. The medium setting works best on normal hair, while high heat is used on curly or thicker hair. It is important to note that this mini flat iron is not the ideal choice for extremely thick or kinky hair. While it can provide a smoother texture, it simply does not get hot enough to effectively treat coarse textured hair.

There are some nice safety features built into the NEXGADGET. A safety lock button ensures that the heat cannot be accidentally turned on while inside a purse or bag. Likewise, this mini flat iron has an automatic shut off. After thirty minutes of non-use, all heating is ceased. This prevents against accidental burns or fire damage.

FARI Travel Mini Flat Iron

This product is used by a multitude of professional make-up artists and hair stylists. It is a mere seven inches in length, which allows for quick and convenient transport. It fits just as easily into a makeup bag as it does a purse, backpack or carry-on bag, meaning it can truly be taken anywhere.

The ½ inch ceramic tourmaline heating plates are ideal for evenly distributing heat while styling. This helps to preserve the health of each hair follicle while still ensuring a smooth, sleek texture. The heat plates help to reduce static electricity as well.

With a maximum temperature of 400 degrees, the FARI travel mini flat iron is effective for those with curlier, thicker hair. The higher temperature allows for achieving a smoother texture that can be achieved by other mini flat irons.

The FARI travel mini flat iron comes with its own heat resistant traveling case. Additionally, it is waterproof, which prevents any risk from electrical shocks.

How to Use a Mini Flat Iron on Short Hair

Using a regular flat iron on short hair can be very dangerous and damaging. Short hair necessitates having the heating plates begin closer to the scalp. This can not only result in serious burns and scalds, it can also excessively damage the hair.

A mini flat iron is ideal for shorter hair as the smaller size of the heat plates allows for closer contact with the root of the hair. Mini flat irons are specifically designed for working with bangs and shorter sections of hair, thus they do not have the same burn hazard.

The first step in using a mini flat iron is to select a quality product. It is important to choose a quality product that offers a quick heat up time. Likewise, consider buying a mini flat iron with built-in safety features. These include an automatic shut off as well as temperature control.

Preparing the hair for flat ironing is important. This is even more vital in the case of those with finer hair, as they may be more susceptible to heat damage. First, make sure that the hair is completely dry before applying heat. Second, a heat protectant spray is recommended. This places a barrier between the hair follicles and the source of heat. This not only prevents against scorching, it boosts shine and smoothness as well.

Even those with finer hair usually find that it is necessary to flat iron their hair in layers. This allows for a chance to reach all parts of the hair. After all layers of the hair have been treated,  a simple spritz with hairspray or another favorite styling product will set the style.