HSI flat irons utilize Heat Balance technology. This means that microsensors within the flat iron work to regulate heat levels while ensuring even distribution. The vast majority of reviews for a HSI flat iron are very favorable.  Below is a sampling of HSI’s most popular flat irons. Buyers can read brief HSI flat iron review for each model and choose your best HSI hair straighteners without hassle.

Top-Rated HSI Flat Iron Reviewed

HSI Professional Glider

This flat iron is highly versatile. For example, it not only straightens the hair. It also curls, adds waves and achieves a natural-looking flip as well. The ceramic plates distribute an even, consistent level of heat. This means that the product achieves a quicker styling time. The flat iron only needs a singular pass on each section of hair to achieve ideal results. Additionally, this product prevents accidental over-heating. This preserves the hair’s health by guarding against split ends and heat damage.

The one-inch heating plates quickly style the hair. Heating plates that are smaller in size take longer to achieve results.  However, one-inch plates cover a large section of hair with only one pass.  This drastically reduces styling time in the morning.  Furthermore, even the shortest sections of the hair will achieve beautiful results. This means that the product is ideal for perfecting bangs and fringe.

The HSI tourmaline flat iron has very positive reviews. The heating plates have a special crystallized texture. This texture protects the hair from damage and dullness. Hair is smooth and healthy-looking in appearance rather than dull or dried-out. The heating plates guard against static electricity as well, which reduces the risk of undesirable flyaways.

The HSI Professional Glider has a temperature range of 140 to 450 degrees. The wide range effective treats all kinds of individual hair textures.  Those with fine or damaged hair need a very low heat setting. This is because the lower heat can style gently, without having damage or scorching result.  Additionally, those with medium or normal hair must use a heat setting around 250 to 300 degrees. The lower heat setting is not effective enough, while the highest heat setting is still too intense. Finally, people with very thick or coarse hair need this high heat level if they want to achieve results.

The HSI Professional Glider is compatible with dual voltage. Its design means that you can use at home as well as in a variety of international settings! The product is small in size as well. This means that it will fit easily into a carry-on bag or purse for on-the-go style!

The HSI Profession has a lot of accessories. First is a heat-resistant glove. Wear this glove to protect against accidental burns or scalds. Second is a small sample of Argan oil. Use this oil after treatment to lock in moisture as well as to increase shine.

HSI Professional Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Iconic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

This product has a convenient digital LDC temperature display. Simply push the button for three seconds to heat up the flat iron. Additionally, adjust the temperature with minimum effort with a simple button push.

The temperature range is 240 to 450 degrees. The user will simply select the ideal setting for their hair’s texture. The product will remember this setting, and store it in its memory for future use. Not surprisingly, this is a favorite feature of this product. This is because the user will not have to frequently re-program the settings.

The HSI Professional Flat Iron has the infrared heating technology. These plates protect the hair’s health. This is because the infrared plates distribute heat evenly through the hair. Additionally, the heating plates lock in moisture and shine. This product will protect against scorching, split ends or other forms of heat damage. This means that hair maintains a shiny, smooth and healthy look.

Ceramic tourmaline makes up the heating plates. Flat irons with ceramic tourmaline plates are far superior to the alternative of iron or ceramic-coating.  Ceramic tourmaline will eliminate static electricity and ensure even distribution of heat. Likewise, the results last for a long time. The plates glide easily through the hair. This will prevent snags, pulling, tangles or other damage.

This product is very versatile. Everyone is able to achieve sleek, smooth results. Furthermore, this flat iron will also create curls, messy beach-style waves or flips. It is a valuable flat iron for all kinds of hair, whether very fine or thick.

HSI Professional GliderPlus

Four microsensors are found on each heating plate. The microsensors regulate temperature. This makes it so the flat iron can distribute even heat throughout the styling process. The microsensors also guard against accidental burns or scalds. The product can treat an impressive amount of hair. The flat iron covers a large area with each pass. Individuals who have thick hair find that they save a lot of time with this flat iron. You are able to use it frequently. Hair maintains an undamaged and luxurious texture. This is true even if you use the product every day.

The ceramic heating plates have a curved end. Additionally, the ceramic plates float for ultimate control. This means that the flat iron is very easy to manipulate and handle. Reach the back of the head and other difficult areas without any problems. Achieve curls, waves, and flips with a precise accuracy! The ceramic plates treat curly and coarse hair as well.

HSI is proud to stand beside its products. They ensure quality with a one-year warranty. This means that the flat iron is replaced if it should break or otherwise malfunction.

HSI Professional Glider Elite Flat Iron

The HSI Professional Glider Elite has many favorable reviews. The 1 ¼ inch ceramic heating plates leave the hair with a soft and smooth feeling. Additionally, the floating plates pair with a swivel cord to allow for maximum range of movement during the style process. Likewise, its dual voltage capability makes it an ideal choice for travel.

The HSI Professional Glider Elite has a special design. The focus is on the safety and comfort of the customer. It will fit in the hand naturally. This is because of its ergonomic design. Additionally, the product protects the hand against burns. It will also automatically shut off after an inactive period. This prevents potential fire hazards, as well as burn damage to surfaces.